King Carl Gustaf received Maria Lannér and Sofia Heilborn

On Tuesday 3 March, King Carl XVI Gustaf held an audience with Maria Lannér and Sofia Heilborn from Amref Flying Doctors. During the audience, The King learnt about Amref Flying Doctors’ operations.

Amref Flying Doctors works for better health in Africa. The organisation is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, and focuses on preventive healthcare and training local health workers.

Amref Flying Doctors was founded in 1957 in Kenya. Its Swedish operations were launched in 1976 to support people in need in Africa.

HM The King has been patron of Amref Flying Doctors since the 1980s.

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Royal Family attended a concert by the Junior Academy

King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle and Princess Sofia visited Vasa Theatre in Stockholm to listen to a performance by the Junior Academy Music School. The performance was the music school’s 75th birthday tribute to The Queen.

The performance was inspired by Selma Lagerlöf’s The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, and had been reinterpreted by Anne Sjölund to tell the story of ‘a wonderful adventure with the queen of all children’.

The Queen is patron of the Junior Academy.

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King Harald and Queen Sonja will visit Jordan

King Harald and Queen Sonja have accepted the invitation from His Majesty King Abdullah II to pay a state visit to Jordan in 2020. The visit is planned for 2-4 March, and will be their first state visit to the Middle East.
King Harald and Queen Sonja will visit Jordan
State visits encourage, enhance and strengthen contact with other countries. The purpose of a state visit is to build relations and promote Norwegian interests abroad.

When His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon begins his official visit to Kenya and Mozambique 10 February, the purpose is the same.

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Swedish Royal Family host dinner for the Nobel Laureates

On Wednesday 11 December, King Carl Gustaf hosted the traditional dinner for this year’s Nobel Laureates at the Royal Palace. The evening began with the Royal Family hosting a small reception in Prince Bertil’s Apartments for the Nobel Laureates and their spouses.

The Royal Family and the Nobel Laureates then made their way to the State Apartments. In the Royal Palace’s ballroom, the Vita Havet Assembly Rooms, the other guests were welcomed. These included representatives from the Swedish Parliament and Government, the diplomatic corps, academies, research, science and the Nobel Foundation.

The seating arrangements
The King accompanied Economics Laureate Esther Duflo to the table. Françoise Mayor, wife of Physics Laureate Michel Mayor, was seated to his left.

The Queen was accompanied to the table by Physics Laureate Michel Mayor. Chemistry Laureate M. Stanley Whittingham was seated to her right.

The Crown Princess was accompanied to the table by Chemistry Laureate M. Stanley Whittingham. Physics Laureate Didier Queloz was seated to her right.

Prince Daniel accompanied Jean Allison Peebles, wife of Physics Laureate James Peebles, to the table. Economics Laureate Esther Duflo was seated to his left.

Prince Carl Philip accompanied Françoise Mayor, wife of Physics Laureate Michel Mayor, to the table. Literature Laureate Olga Tokarczuk was seated to his left.

Princess Sofia was accompanied to the table by Physics Laureate James Peebles. Physics Laureate Michel Mayor was seated to her right.

Princess Madeleine was accompanied to the table by Chemistry Laureate Akira Yoshino. Physics Laureate James Peebles was seated to her right.

The porcelain for the evening’s dinner was a gift from the Riksdag and the Swedish Government to The King on his 50th birthday in 1996. The service was produced by Hackman-Rörstrand Gustafsberg and designed by Karin Björquist.

The glass service was made by Kosta and designed by Sigurd Persson, and was a wedding present from the Riksdag and the Swedish Government to The King and Queen in 1976.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend Crisis Volunteer event

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend Shout UK’s Crisis Volunteer celebration event in London on Tuesday 12th November. The event brings together people from across the UK who volunteer around the clock with Shout to support people in crisis.

Crisis Text Line’s US service is a free, nationwide, text-based, 24/7 service for people experiencing crisis. The service has been operating in the USA since August 2013, where the service was initially launched in two cities. Within 4 months, Crisis Text Line was being used in all 295 area codes in the US.

As of early 2019, Crisis Text Line has exchanged 100 million messages with US texters in crisis. Over the course of the last six years, Crisis Text Line has built service model that has successfully trained thousands of volunteers overseen by clinically trained supervisors, powered by a robust and scalable technology platform.

Mental Health is partnered with Crisis Text Line (CTL) to bring CTL’s established technology platform and service model to the UK. Here: New My Royals

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Crown Princess Victoria visited the Child Diabetes Foundation

Crown Princess Victoria attended the Child Diabetes Foundation’s 30th anniversary celebrations in the Linköping. To mark its anniversary, the foundation held a conference in Linköping at which specially invited researchers spoke about child diabetes.

The Crown Princess opened the conference with a speech, in which she said:”Through the foundation, I have had the opportunity to follow the scientific advances in diabetes research. “It has been fascinating – but also frustrating. So many children are falling ill with diabetes. But we still don’t know why. Nor do we know why the incidence is so high right here in Sweden and Finland.”

After her speech, The Crown Princess presented prizes to two prominent child diabetes researchers in the Nordic region and Sweden. This year’s winners were Per-Ola Carlsson and Araz Rawshani.

During the conference, The Crown Princess listened to several talks about what is thought to cause type 1 diabetes, and what living with the disease is like.

The Crown Princess has been patron of the Child Diabetes Foundation since 1993.
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s own immune defence to attack the cells in the pancreas, destroying them so that they can no longer produce insulin. It is not known why this happens or why cases of type 1 diabetes are increasing.

More than 900 children and probably as many adults contract the disease in Sweden each year, making this the most common life-threatening disease to affect children. Despite modern technology and the very best treatment, type 1 diabetes all too often leads to serious secondary diseases and a shortened life expectancy.

The Child Diabetes Foundation was established in 1989, and is now Sweden’s biggest funder of research into type 1 diabetes. In addition to raising funds for research, the foundation also carries out projects with the aim of helping and supporting affected children, young people and their families.

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Crown Princess Elisabeth’s Official Birthday Photos

Family photos on the occasion of the 18th birthday of Princess Elisabeth. Belgian Royal Palace have released official 18th birthday photos of Crown Princess Elisabeth. Family photos on the occasion of the 18th birthday of Princess Elisabeth
Crown Princess Elisabeth's Official Birthday PhotosCrown Princess Elisabeth's Official Birthday PhotosCrown Princess Elisabeth's Official Birthday PhotosCrown Princess Elisabeth's Official Birthday PhotosCrown Princess Elisabeth's Official Birthday PhotosCrown Princess Elisabeth's Official Birthday Photos
Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant

Elisabeth, Princess of Belgium, Duchess of Brabant, was born in Anderlecht on 25 October 2001, the first child of Their Majesties the King and Queen. As the first-born child, Princess Elisabeth is first in line of succession to the throne.

When her father acceded to the throne on 21 July 2013, Elisabeth became Duchess of Brabant, a title reserved for the heir apparent.

Elisabeth attends the United World College of the Atlantic (UWC) in Wales.

On 7 September 2011, Elisabeth officially opened the new Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital, part of Ghent University Hospital. She also gave her name to the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station. On 6 May 2015 she became Godmother of patrouilleur-ship P902 Pollux.

Elisabeth lives with her parents, her brothers Gabriel and Emmanuel and her sister Eléonore at the Royal Palace of Laeken.

Elisabeth likes sport. She plays tennis, skis, she and she practices scuba diving. She also likes trekking, an activity that brings her in contact with nature.

She has been following piano lessons for a few years now. Her musical tastes encompass various types of music. She likes cooking, and is always looking for new recipes. Friendship is very important to her. She spends a lot of time with her friends. Reading remains a pleasure for her as it is an important source of discovery and inspiration.

She volunteers to help children with learning difficulties, the elderly, the homeless and people with a handicap.

Source: Newmyroyals – Belgian Crown Princess Elisabeth celebrates her 18th birthday

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and other royals join Queen at Balmoral

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen enjoying the peace and quiet of the grounds of the Queen’s Balmoral Castle in Scotland today as the Royal Family enjoy their annual summer get-together on the Scottish estate. The Duke of Edinburgh was also seen out for a stroll in the grounds of the estate, with his daughter Princess Anne. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expected to join the Royals in Balmoral shortly, though it is not thought they have arrived yet.

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Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday celebrations in Solliden

On Sunday 14 July, more than 2,000 people gathered in front of Solliden Palace on Öland to congratulate Crown Princess Victoria on her 42nd birthday. The King and Queen, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar also attended the celebrations.

The Crown Princess was congratulated outside Solliden Palace with singing and four cheers, which is traditionally led by The King.

As well as being a national flag day, the heir to the Swedish throne’s birthday is also an official day on which salutes are fired. At 13:00, the Swedish Armed Forces therefore fired 21-gun salutes from the salute stations at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, Kungshall in Karlskrona, Skansen Lejonet in Gothenburg and Kusthöjden in Härnösand, and from a mobile saluting battery at Kvarnängen in Boden.

In the evening, the Royal Family travelled by horse-drawn cortège from Solliden Palace to the celebrations at Borgholm Sports Arena, where Benjamin Ingrosso, Arja Saijonmaa, Rickard Söderberg, Lina Hedlund, Kaliffa and Isaac & The Soul Company performed.

During the evening, The Crown Princess presented the Victoria Prize to biathlete Hanna Öberg.

Hanna Öberg received the 2019 Victoria Prize in recognition of her performance in the 15 km race. Following perfect shooting and stable skiing, Hanna took first place on the podium and a World Championship gold medal, much to the delight of the home crowd of supporters. She also helped win silver in the ladies’ relay and bronze in the single mixed relay.

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Danish Prince Joachim and Princess Marie in France

The French minister of defense has invited His Royal Highness Prince Joachim to participate in France’s highest ranking military training course. In this connection, Prince Joachim and Her Royal Highness Princess Marie and the couple’s two children, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena, will move to Paris.

As of September of this year until summer of 2020, Prince Joachim will take part in France’s highest ranking military leadership training. The French minister of defense has invited the Prince to participate in the training following the state visit from France to Denmark last year, where one of the main themes was strategic partnerships in the areas of trade, culture and defense. The Prince is the first Danish officer to participate in this training.

The training takes place six days a week at École Militaire in Paris and consists of two parts, one by the Centre des Hautes Études Militaires (CHEM) [Center for Advanced Military Studies] and one by the Institut des Hautes Études de la Défense Nationale (IHEDN).

The majority of the studies will take place at CHEM and consist of military studies at the highest level. The training is for 30 selected officers with the rank of colonel or captain (N), and the main topics are strategic military leadership and international relations. The participants are primarily from France, plus some from France’s strategic partner countries.

The military studies are supplemented with studies at IHEDN in strategic leadership and public administration, with the addition of some 70 business leaders, parliamentarians and government officials, as well as representatives from the media. Here, international relations in the areas of trade, politics, culture and military disciplines are debated and discussed, just as crisis management and experience exchange are among the topics.

The additional training in France supplements Prince Joachim’s current post in the Danish Defence, where the Prince is special advisor to the chief of defense in relation to the reserve since 2015.


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